By Allie Marie

If it’s me,

just say the words.

Yes, I’ll know it’ll hurt.

But, not worse than this.

I ache from my defenses.

Useless apologizes.

Your hands tied behind your back.

Every-time I miss.

A game that I wasn’t picked for.

Benched for only when you need me.

You know I know that you know I know

exactly what to do.

For you this is a game,

but for me my reputation and livelihood.




By Allie Marie


We wait for the alarm

to tell us what we’ll miss.

We can run away,

but what if I

told you that it

doesn’t have to be like this?

Your hands are the keys.

Carve out your dreams with your fingertips.

No need to rush, but no need to wait.

Remind me too.

Together we’ll learn to remember.

Life and happiness are fragile, but not impossible.

Consistency & Change

Consistency and Change

By Allie Marie



You’re a killer in disguise;

framed in the likes of a best friend.

Promised, safe and dependable.



The things you touch are pliable.

Rich with emotion, but fearful of change.

Just like my best friend.


Consistency and change.

Opposites attract.

Keep what works.

Note the rest.

Remember to not forget.

Friends deserve respect.




Tattle Tale

Tattle Tale

By Allie Marie

I don’t like doing this.

My words shake from my lips.

I want to make things better.

But I know this may make things worse.

I hate the anticipation.

Anger may linger in the future.

But it worries me.

The way your acting, second guessing.

I am not a target nor a shield.

You are responsible for you.

And I am responsible for me.

This is more than a simple question.

Different than just helping.

I need to protect myself.

You need to learn.

I’m sorry.

But I don’t have a choice anymore.



By Allie Marie


You made me overthink it.

Now, I can hardly speak.

I know I’m quiet to begin with,

but I have grown to learn to say what I think.

I take comfort in communication,

words on paper,


and the belief that shared knowledge is power.

But here I am always forced into

the strategy of being compared.

My way of thinking trapped to a number;

a number that has become a popularity contest.

This is something that I don’t care to participate in.

Smiles and laughter formed into strategy behind closed doors.

We all want to be liked,

but I don’t want to become something I’m not in the process.

Truthful communication makes a team.

Speaking when the words count.

Focusing on growth and strengths.

Sharing strategies to make us better.

Discounting favoritism.

But, I’m not quite above what you expect.

I’m just on the brink.

You say not to take it the wrong way. I’m doing great.

But, I can’t help but feel hurt.

Left to always help and

listen to the whispers.

I’m forced to question myself,

when I always give my best.

With a Tilt of My Head

With a Tilt of My Head

By Allie Marie



A tilt of my head.

Everything said I try to turn unsaid.

But, I’m doing fantastic – they say.

I never feel this way.

Because they tore me

down the middle.

They made sides

out of the same team.

I’m so afraid of mistaking blame.

I’m afraid of being mean.

But maybe I am,

by doing this with a tilt of my head

my aim to please

is just making me worse

Maybe I just can’t take

that I am my own curse.