By Allie Marie

Maybe, I am losing my mind.
These conspiracies are making me lose time.
You offered me a temporary solution
that I couldn’t resist
and when I found another opportunity,
you convinced me to stay with this.

You built me up and you tore me down.
People around you are always losing their crowns.
Does blood mean anything to you?
I feel to this obligation I must stay true.

These reminders in my head are driving me insane.
I’m losing all hope in who and what can relate.
My abilities slowly lose their rate.
Time is closing gates.

Hope is a fragile little feather.
Your views on me change like the weather.
It is easy to give all blame to the youth.
The young can’t know any better than you.
Age and years can be blinding can’t you see?
We learn to see what we want and think we’re free.

Fate binds us and becomes
one big conspiracy.
Don’t leave me with these puzzle pieces to assemble.
Don’t give me a speech about what I am and am not able.
Don’t keep dragging me by the heels.
Go ahead and tell me what you really feel.


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