Apology Talks

Apology Talks

By Allie Marie


I don’t want to be like this.

I speak in apologies.

You’re taking away the best of me.

Whispers are the same as shouts.

I don’t want to speak anymore.

The truth can pain all of us;

even those who think themselves as victim.

There’s a time, a way, and place.

This isn’t it.

I feel sick.

Behind a Screen

Behind a Screen

By Allie Marie
It is easy to feel brave,
when you’re not seen.

You speak half truths

through a computer screen.

I caught you now

and you know.

But, I guess that doesn’t matter.

My lips are wired shut.

Rat has never been in my lingo

unlike how it thrives in yours.

I’ll let the rest of the world catch you.

They’ll be harsher than I ever would .



By Allie Marie


I messed things up again.

I’m awkward, I know.

Don’t say it is you,

when we both know it’s me.

They keep on with all the talk,

but in my heart I know.

This time most likely-

you won’t call.

The sad thing is

I can’t even blame you.

You gave me some memories.

Maybe they were brief,

but you made me a little braver

so I will thank you.



By Allie Marie


You and I.

Say it again.

First we must continue to learn

the art of being friends.

Simpleness is so sweet.

Just figuring out next time we’ll meet.

I have to figure how to stand so still,

if this is really what we will.

My mind isn’t quite made up yet.

Is yours already searching for another step?

I’m afraid I’ll drive you mad.

I don’t want to make you sad.