Won’t Wait

Won’t Wait

By Allie Marie

I won’t sit here

just to wait for you.

I’ll stay safe, yes,

but it doesn’t mean I’m your damsel in distress.

I may be

a little unconventional.

My heart is wild;

runs through these towers.

My mind on fire

melts paint on tapestries.

I got by just fine before you.

I’ll go on after you.

If you want me,

say what you mean

and begin to be

all that you dream.




By Ally Marie


Anxiety tattooed like a riddle across my skin

Irritated eyes switch to glasses

Fingers like drumsticks against the base of the table

Words drown by too much of my drink

Not even alcoholic but it replaces saying what I think

Force myself to leave the scene

Escape into the bathroom

Catch a reflection in the mirror

What I see I was never after

But is this really me

Torn by my own decree




Apology Talks

Apology Talks

By Allie Marie


I don’t want to be like this.

I speak in apologies.

You’re taking away the best of me.

Whispers are the same as shouts.

I don’t want to speak anymore.

The truth can pain all of us;

even those who think themselves as victim.

There’s a time, a way, and place.

This isn’t it.

I feel sick.

Behind a Screen

Behind a Screen

By Allie Marie
It is easy to feel brave,
when you’re not seen.

You speak half truths

through a computer screen.

I caught you now

and you know.

But, I guess that doesn’t matter.

My lips are wired shut.

Rat has never been in my lingo

unlike how it thrives in yours.

I’ll let the rest of the world catch you.

They’ll be harsher than I ever would .