Left in Silence

Left in Silence

By Allie Marie

You just left me here

like I knew you would.

The silence is understood.

But the answers blank

circle through

just to be misunderstood.

Give me something.

Scars to point fingers to.

I’m not perfect

but either are you.

I can take it.

You won’t make me break.

I’m far stronger

than you think.

That’s how I built

these stone walls.


Your Turn

Your Turn

By Allie Marie

If goodbye is what you wish,

just say it.

I’m tired of this

back and forth formality.

You drag me by the heels.

A simple parting pleasantry would do.

This isn’t kindness,

if that’s what you’re going for.

And we’re on your turn.

I know you know that.

Am I just supposed to be sweet?

Smile like we’re okay.

I don’t want a fight.

A starting crash.

Take your turn.

It is okay if we can’t last.

To Owe?

To Owe?

By Allie Marie


I don’t owe you.

I won’t believe it.

Kindness doesn’t come

with a cost.

You never said it.

Then, why do I think it?


The program they installed

prone to anxiety.

And, now I’m talking like a


But, we hate labels.

And, we love them.

Categorically made

to dissect our world.


I think you better leave.

Before you ask me to.

Someone Else

Someone Else

By Allie Marie


Maybe you found someone else.

Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you.

Maybe, that’s the worse part.

You met the barrier of my heart.

Beautiful and tainted.

Anxiety hides the soul

I wish that I could bare.

I can’t expect you to be patient.

But, I expect you to be kind.


One Thing

One Thing

By Allie Marie
Listen here.

There is just one thing

I need to know.

We should take 

this slow,

but are you willing

to make me your home?

I don’t want to go.

My heart can’t

play games anymore though.

So speak the truth.

I promise I can take it.

I’m not a little girl you see.

But still there’s so much

left of life for me.

But I can’t live with hidden truths

and for a life of mediocrity.

So think about it

and let me know.



By Allie Marie

You don’t like it when I’m happy.

You don’t like it when I’m mad.

You don’t know the way it hurts

that you’re better when I’m sad.

Jealousy is a real disease

made to leave us to crawl on knees.

I’m a prisoner in the house we built.

I blame your guard when it is my guilt. 

Won’t Wait

Won’t Wait

By Allie Marie

I won’t sit here

just to wait for you.

I’ll stay safe, yes,

but it doesn’t mean I’m your damsel in distress.

I may be

a little unconventional.

My heart is wild;

runs through these towers.

My mind on fire

melts paint on tapestries.

I got by just fine before you.

I’ll go on after you.

If you want me,

say what you mean

and begin to be

all that you dream.