Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

By Allie Marie


You’ve perfected mirroring misconception

in your shiny crystal ball.

Fortune teller humor me again

with little riddles and tricks of learning to mend.


You were a witness of my distress

in your wide – eyed lenses.

Fortune teller tear me down

with your visions I can learn to push off  the ground.


Liars that I learned from.

Distrust never heals.

Light that I can’t bend.

Deviant marks befriend.


Fortune teller humor me again

with little riddles and tricks of learning to mend.





By Allie Marie


I want you

to see me running

straight into the wounded sun.


Burning pieces

of a klaidescope

change and come undone.


Beneath my breath

and between heartbeats,

my thoughts are spun.


And,  I can’t hear the mind I own.

I Wonder

I Wonder
By Allie Marie

Maybe I’m
all too fast,
but still too slow.

A stumble
turned into
a summersault 
going into the unknown.

I wonder if
you’ll pick me up.

I wonder if
you’re there at all.

Maybe I’m
into dark
losing what I inspire.

The light
flickered into
white spots
hung on a wire.

I wonder what
you see in me.

I wonder what
made you let go

Blank Pages

Blank Pages

by Allie Marie


The book is in my hands.

Every page is blank.

Empty room crowded

by only my thoughts.


Give me some

underlining meaning,

unprepared significance

that will bring you to me.


See me

over by the fireplace

I’ll dry the teardrops from your face

then I’ll set you free.


Hear me

the words are lodged down  my throat

that I haven’t wrote

and we ‘ll let this be.


The flames aglow dance alone.

They won’t hit my heart.



by Allie Marie


Underneath your wandering eyes,

your skin is blue.

And there’s a racetrack in your mind-

a battle of repeated times.


I seep inside your heart.

Carry candles in the dark.

Your heart is like a hurricane.

In the eye of the storm, I know why I came.


You let a fly buzz in your ears.

Ignore wounds and years.

And there’s the love I have for you –

soaked in some type of truth.


Pain binds us like glue.



by Allie Marie


You promise you’ll save me,

then you beg of my lungs to

hold my breath

for you.


Suffocation is at no cost

or so your voice tells me to

let you breathe

for me.


I am.  And I was.

I am.

You are.  You were.

You’ll come.


As I hold my breath to

one sweet last scent of air,

I close my eyes

to darkness.