By Allie Marie


I wish I could understand,

but I can’t – how a dull fume

can turn wildly red as it

burns across your heart.

Such a small thing.

Such a rush for nothing.

I’m the water that won’t give

you any reaction.

Stranger –

I’ll let you burn

in the flames as I plan

my great escape.



Faded Dream

Faded Dream

By Allie Mare


She wanted more for you

than this faded dream –

this back twisted version of how

people should be

when love becomes a fog

and they can no longer see.

A bright white room

echoes your screams.

An earthbound angel in distress

must learn to breath.

She’s praying for you.

And, so are we.



By Allie Marie


Down on State Street in Albany,

I stand in faded light.

In a pretty powder blue dress,

I watch them dance in a sea of black and white.

I slowly lose control.

Teardrops turn to rainstorms.

I hope that they can’t see.

And the more that I try to stop,

the more that I can’t breathe.

There’s echoes screaming in my mind.

They have nothing to do with them.

And everything to do with my fears,

and what I am being told

I’m getting too old

to ever have.

I don’t want to be like this.

I want and need to smile for you.

I am happy for you,

I am.

But, I’m terrified

to live a life alone.

Taking Corners

Taking Corners

By Allie Marie


There’s the corner you never turned.

Don’t you know it’s dangerous?

Just to leave your mind

to walk in circles.

You deserve more than this;

a life of unchecked lists.

I don’t know if it means anything

when I say this.

Oh, chances are you’ll go back

and erase it.

Your heart is destined for greatness.

Let yourself make it.


Night to Break

Night to Break

By Allie Marie


I wonder if it is what you see.

Oh honey and do you hear the same as me?

Streets lights break up the fog.

Sirens cut through the crowds.

Feels like we’re on the run.

But, we stay still.

Same old words and

same bad decisions –

as we wait

for the night to break.

Fade Away


Fade Away

By Allie Marie


All the weight has been put upon me

so I will try to stay strong.

It doesn’t mean I’ll never breakdown.


I’ll take the blame for imperfection.

I’ll be the first to apologize.

But that doesn’t mean you’re right.


All of them are just noise.

You know it. I know it.

So let their words fade away.





By Allie Marie

Bobby pin curls.

Never a gray hair on her head.

Always carefully fixed with box dye.

This was the woman I knew.

Puzzles books everday.

Oprah, news, and bowling on a static tv.

Entertaining her mind.

Keeping her up with the times.

Always at her daughters aid

who needed a bit more help than average.

Kept them safe and secure

in a time when fools would turn them away.

She took care of them until

she was in her 90’s.

A fall took you to a place

you would never want to stay.

But, there you lived with your daughter again.

You told the nurses you loved them.

They were caretakers and friends.

And only days before we lost you,

you taught your daughter Patti

how to count in Polish

in the wee hours of the night.

And, it’s been years now.

But, still sometimes it still strikes me.

My great grandmother, my G.G.

104 long years alive

with extraordinary quiet strength

that  I can only pray to you

I hope I have.