By Allie Marie


I am not the smartest.

I am not the bravest.

I am not the strongest.


I am not the dumbest.

I am not the meekest.

I am not the weakest.


We are born with limits.

Limits that are made to stretch.

Growth that wasn’t made to rest.


I am a creation.

I am not a duplication.

We are all of the same nation.




By Allie Marie

I think we have a problem.

It shakes us like an incurable disease.

It spreads like the plague.

I’d say I’m immune,

but I don’t know if I am anymore.

I don’t want any part of it.

I’m stuck.

Jealousy is a strand so lethal.

To misunderstand

twists into some kind of side effect.

We’re left with the biggest decision of our lives

to struggle for the cure

or become part of the disease.

Put in the Corner

Put it in the Corner

By Allie Marie

You’ve put me in the corner.

I am where I swore I’d never be.

I drown in the words I speak

that I said I never would believe.

These things are petty,

yet search for pity.

I know I am wrong.

I know I am somewhat right.

You shut off

another dim light.

Maybe, this is nurture.

Maybe, this is nature.

I guess we may find out

sooner or later.

Don’t Say

Don’t Say

By Allie Marie

Please don’t say my name.

My words slip too easily

in these short days that feel

all too long.

I once knew better

now I’m my own hypocrisy.

I’m afraid I doom myself for mediocrity.

I’m not sure.

I don’t know if my fate 

is just my own demise

or if I’m just doomed

by what you oblige.