Card Games

Card Games

By Allie Marie

Oh honey,

I know what you do.

You got caught

and so you’ll play another card.

You’ll use your bluffs

to make you call theirs.

I’m not great at card games

It doesn’t make me a fool.

The fact that I don’t play

makes me out play you.




By Allie Marie


You take my words with a simple nod.

You say all the right things back.

I figure everything is good and set.

Until I find you threw my words

in the trash.

At first I give you a second chance,

I figure maybe you forgot.

It is not until after the fifth time,

I realize what you’ve done.

Do you think I’m dumb?

Do you not understand or do you just not care?

You can deal from where you sit.

I cannot from where I breathe.

This cycle you’ve put me through

makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

You smile like its all going to be just fine.

It won’t be until you listen.

This Monster


This Monster

By Allie Marie


I’ve never before met

a demon quite like this.

At least I think so.

Maybe I just didn’t know it.

I’m chosen in one corner.

They gather in theirs.

This thing between us –

I’ve heard it called a monster.

This monster has invisible spikes on its back –

I swear.

They are pulling me towards him,

as I try to build a bridge.

The more I try the more they despise me

and try to tear me down.

It seems impossible.

I want their acceptance

and they want theirs.

I always am looking to fix things.

I can’t fix things that don’t want to be.

And, this monster I’m told

is stealing their souls.

I want them to see.

The one that is hurting them isn’t me.



By Allie Marie

Truth is I don’t miss you that much.

I got tired wishing you were somebody else.

Every time we were together, I felt like I was talking to myself.

But they keep asking me.

They like to drive us crazy.

I don’t wish you any harm.

We knew it wasn’t working out.

Silence isn’t a way to part.

I had a feeling you’d do this to me.

I let you anyway.

I’m better off without you now.

Someday I’ll find someone else.



By Allie Marie

I didn’t even know.

I run with my eyes closed.

My breath echoes in the air.

Truth trips at my toes.

Lies hang at my heels.

Time aches at my joints.

My race is for answers.

I thought I wasn’t meant to go alone.

You can’t carry me.

You can run with me.

Let’s try to keep up with each other –

just to save our sanity.



By Allie Marie

This role I never wanted to take.

Not like this anyway.

I hate to listen to my voice as it shakes.

But it’s time for us to wake.

Maybe this time you’ll listen.

Before you’ve turned me into background noise.

Always a choice of the easy route rather than a solution.

So instead we tend to gather pollution.

This is important.

I need to make you hear.

I second guess if what say I mean is clear.

Don’t block me out when I’m right here.