All in My Head

All in My Head

By Allie Marie



The words that I once held so dear

escape my better judgement.

My writer’s block is at its finest

when I need my words the most.

Truthfully, I don’t know

if this is smart or stupid.

What they said about me,

I don’t know what it is or if it is true.

What and if.

The question marks we cannot escape.

What was she thinking giving you my name?

How do I know if this isn’t just a game?

Maybe this is all in my head.

I should have left things unsaid.



By Allie Marie


I am not the smartest.

I am not the bravest.

I am not the strongest.


I am not the dumbest.

I am not the meekest.

I am not the weakest.


We are born with limits.

Limits that are made to stretch.

Growth that wasn’t made to rest.


I am a creation.

I am not a duplication.

We are all of the same nation.




By Allie Marie

I think we have a problem.

It shakes us like an incurable disease.

It spreads like the plague.

I’d say I’m immune,

but I don’t know if I am anymore.

I don’t want any part of it.

I’m stuck.

Jealousy is a strand so lethal.

To misunderstand

twists into some kind of side effect.

We’re left with the biggest decision of our lives

to struggle for the cure

or become part of the disease.



By Allie Marie

I should have never heard.
Yet, I did.

And here I am

my lips spiral words downward

before I can manage 

to catch them.

I’m ashamed here.

The middle.

I only want what is right;

what is just and fair.

There is no need for

resentment, blame and punishment.

Fingers always ready to point

and never bend.

And to spill your opinion

as relief can at times only give further guilt.

I want things to be better,

yet I make them worse.



By Allie Marie
I almost forgot.
I made up what you thought.

We’re just strangers really.

We don’t know what we’re supposed to be.

I wish I could say something else.

We’re wound up to try to find ourselves.

There is so much more than this.

Lit up screens and sentences that look like lists.

They mean nothing in this room.

We turn into fools.