The Garden

The Garden

By Allie Marie
Vines of time twist and bend. 

A cold air gust blows

as a reminder there is more

we don’t understand.

The trees and flowers we plant 

are the gifts that we care.

We’re never too late

or too bare 

if we seek to see

what our own joy in life can bring.

They say love is a antidote to all things.

Despite all else we must believe.



By Allie Marie

With you

I only let my words 

hang in front of me

like branches on a tree.

I let myself forget they

could break so easily

if I would only

let them be.

But, I take them back

in my apologies.

As I think for you,

I am only a breeze.

I don’t make much sense;

words riddled with confidence and anxiety.

I’m not ready for you,

even if you wanted me.

But, I want to be

and I want you to see.

A Tear Whispers

A Tear Whispers

By Allie Marie

A tear whispers 

under red and green Christmas lights.

They say a new year is

a new night 

so hold on tight. 

All they see is wondrous sights;

not the pain that feeds on young light.

But, one day you’ll see beauty they’ll never see.

You’ll dream things they’ll never dream.

Hold on tight

into the morning light.