Edit Me

Edit Me

by Allie Marie


How many times

will you edit me?

Go over me with your lens

remove blemishes then start new again.


I have fallen


Your lips don’t mutter

any other sound.


My redeeming qualities

are held within your lens.

I change appearance

with the way your light bends.

And to the man on the thrown,

these pictures you will send.


You edit me

into your lens.

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass

by Allie Marie


Shattered glass

that I can’t find.

Press three to five times

and I will rewind.


A reflection

stored away.

The assumption

that it’s somewhere safe.


But,  instead

you leave me by the stairs.

My voice a whisper

left unshared.


Press three to five times.

I’ll leave you with this –

a small reminder of your bliss