The Way it Goes

The Way it Goes

By Allie Marie


Once upon a time…

isn’t that how all good stories go?

I used to fly wherever

the wind would flow.


But now,  I only read

the lines that crawl

on the back of my hand

like a faded writer’s scrawl.


Endings and ever afters

I repeat the words I ought to know

but they leave me caught in

how the sun should glow.




(The following is a prose piece)



By Allie Marie


I lay on the beach as I stare at the ocean. You sit next to me and whisper in my ear, “The ocean’ s blue.”

I stare harder. It’s not what I see. I see green, blue, turquoise, and white. I trust you though. I’ve always have. You’re wise. You’re older than me. You were around before I was ever even born.  “It’s blue. It’s a pretty shade of blue,” I say.

“Yes, it is. The sky is blue too you know.”

I look at you confused, “But, you said at night the sky is black.”

“It is. The world is constantly changing.”

Glass Portal

(The following is a prose piece)


Glass Portal

By Allie Marie


The portal is made of glass. Its twisted entrance glares at me disassembling my appearance. My image portrays myself backwards and takes pictures of my every move. I can’t pass through the portal; it keeps me frozen in time. There is only one way to pass through the portal or so they say. If you assemble the perfect image, the portal will let you pass. But, can you break through the portal? Shatter it into shards of glass and let them further distort your image into mere fragments. You, however, walk on through. You become the reflection, but you are still the catalyst. Is it possible? Or, maybe, there is no portal. I made it all up.


(The following is a prose piece)



By Allie Marie


I’m sitting here. My back’s against the wall. Here is just the place I am and nothing more. I can’t decipher the place or think of the name. My tears are blinding me. My brain is defying me. I don’t know much or maybe I don’t know anything at all.

I’ve been broken so many times before, but this time it seems final and secure. The darkness overcomes the light, except for one. It lingers on my hands. It sparkles.

Don’t ask me how I got here. Don’t ask me why I’ve come. I don’t know.  It just happened.

I’ve heard somewhere that’s there’s a cure for every disease imaginable. We just need to find it. That’s a lie. I’ve heard some cures cause hurt. So then is that really a cure? It’s all an illusion. Nothing’s real. It just cures, so you can’t see it anymore. The presence still remains.

Don’t cure me. Don’t fix me. I’m fine. I’ll be alright. I’m broken and the sky’s pitch black, but light lingers on my hands. I can still see.

End of the Beginning

End of the Beginning

By Allie Marie

The sky holds

a golden spark.

We are running

barefoot in the grass.

The mud sticks to our feet –

hold on fast.

It’s the end

of the beginning.

I’m eleven.

You are twelve.

We are starting to find

all we can’t describe.

And the rain

begins to pour.

The thunder clasps

and we run till

we fall against the trees

so scared – we laugh.

You whisper sweetly

in my ear,

“Are you okay?”

I look at you

and its not the same.

“I’m gonna be alright.”



By Allie Marie


Suddenly, I hear a crash.

There is nothing left

As I spin.


We are spiraling, stumbling, seeking something

new. I thought

I could take this step too.


I am lost

Beyond all comprehension. We

Crawl across the floor.


Could you meet me

Half way? Time keeps on moving

And we are no where.


We are gone.

I won’t move along

And so that’s how we disappeared.