If I’m a Fool, Let This Be My Downfall

If I’m a Fool, Let This Be My Downfall
By Allie Marie

I’m not the kind
to let you go so easily,
slipping through
the cracks in the window.

Fragments of you
still cling to my skin.
Dreams can lie,
wither and die.
I don’t care.
I’ll keep this one alive.


The Key

The Key

By Allie Marie


I’m not the one who would make you

change you mind,

but I can’t take this any longer

this time.


I’ve given you the key.

Won’t you just come see?

I thought I was your friend.

I thought you trusted me.


I believe in destiny.

I believe in things that can’t be seen.


And, I’m not trying to erase.

I’m not trying to replace her.

I know better than that.

I know the fragile past.


I’m not asking for much.

I’ve given you the key.

Open the door

and just come see.



By Allie Marie


You stay like some

miracle awaits

that I’d become

everything you want me to.


You’re chained

behind the stage.

I’m dancing along

in the front of the room.


I don’t know

what you say.

I don’t know

your foolish ways.


Ball and chain

you stay,

but you have the key

not me.





Please Go

Please Go

By Allie Marie


And he says,

“Oh darling, don’t wait for me.

Baby, you have to leave.

Here’s a bag with some old things.

There’s only so much you can bring.


Please don’t beg at my feet.

You must leave these wounded streets.

I can’t save you from an empty room,

but I can’t let your sun set far too soon.


Don’t make this any harder.

You can’t stay here any longer.


Go and be free.”



Sad Song

Sad Song

By Allie Marie

Sing me a sad song,

melancholy words stringing along.

The frail leaves fall from the trees.

Little silly bird soars, happy songs he sings.


The frost will come.

Snow will fall, heavy on the branches.

And, I’ll be here wrapped

up in this big ol’ wool sweater.

I’ll be waiting for you

to come home.

Sing me a sad song,

before you go.



By Allie Marie


You ask me to stay

and then you gladly walk away.

You hold your head down,

say your sinking.

But, it’s you that has

taken my dreaming.


These strings wrap tight,

bows around my pinkies.

I can’t break, but I can’t take

your contradictions and lies.

You make sure I can’t hide.

I crumble from inside