by Allie Marie


Underneath your wandering eyes,

your skin is blue.

And there’s a racetrack in your mind-

a battle of repeated times.


I seep inside your heart.

Carry candles in the dark.

Your heart is like a hurricane.

In the eye of the storm, I know why I came.


You let a fly buzz in your ears.

Ignore wounds and years.

And there’s the love I have for you –

soaked in some type of truth.


Pain binds us like glue.



by Allie Marie


You promise you’ll save me,

then you beg of my lungs to

hold my breath

for you.


Suffocation is at no cost

or so your voice tells me to

let you breathe

for me.


I am.  And I was.

I am.

You are.  You were.

You’ll come.


As I hold my breath to

one sweet last scent of air,

I close my eyes

to darkness.

Candle Lights

Candle Lights

by Allie Marie


The sky is

folded into murky gray.

Your blue eyes

turn into candle lights.

And,  I blindfolded

search for you.


I know you –

childhood best friend.

With our innocent hands

held tight,

we crossed those

neighborhood streets.


The stranger is

branded the only fool.

Your husky voice

whispers into song.

And, I changed

search for you.


I know you –

the one denied.

With these broken hands

of mine,

I let you go those

streets alone.


And,  your blue eyes

are candlelights.


I’m What You Wrote

I’m What You Wrote

by Allie Marie


I am what you

wrote in your book.

I am the one

you won’t dare a second look.


Beyond your cynical nature

and these prancing syllables,

I will stretch out my arms

to you.


You are what you

put behind.

You are the one

who made words with lines.


Beneath all your thoughts

and your delicate dispair,

I will help you find your



We are  what you

cannot seem to see.

We are the ones

you ought to believe.



As Empty

As Empty

by Allie Marie


You say

I’m as empty

as the sky

burned up.


I don’t want you.


The sky

is on fire

with my

empty desire.


All the things

to aspire

are no longer



You want me.


You want

this empty thing

to teach what

life can bring.


I don’t want you.



by Allie Marie


And so soft

a touch I use

to recognize what maybe true.


I’ll study you

like a book

page by page.


The way your

eyes wander

never seems quite clear.


I’ll laugh you

on and on

like a comedian.


The comfort of

being with you

I could never dare abuse.


You are

like a puzzle

I’ll never solve.


I know you

so damn well,

but sometimes not at all.


We could be

like people

in love.

Cinderella Eyes

Cinderella Eyes

By Allie Marie


Gone, wandering, blue Cinderella eyes

burned by the fire

and lost in the ash.


Air encapsulated by smog

which sticks to them

like glue.


Tears left to dry

by flame.

They’re left

confined in name.

And by burnt pages,

they play their game.