By Allie Marie


I wish I could understand,

but I can’t – how a dull fume

can turn wildly red as it

burns across your heart.

Such a small thing.

Such a rush for nothing.

I’m the water that won’t give

you any reaction.

Stranger –

I’ll let you burn

in the flames as I plan

my great escape.



Night to Break

Night to Break

By Allie Marie


I wonder if it is what you see.

Oh honey and do you hear the same as me?

Streets lights break up the fog.

Sirens cut through the crowds.

Feels like we’re on the run.

But, we stay still.

Same old words and

same bad decisions –

as we wait

for the night to break.

Fade Away


Fade Away

By Allie Marie


All the weight has been put upon me

so I will try to stay strong.

It doesn’t mean I’ll never breakdown.


I’ll take the blame for imperfection.

I’ll be the first to apologize.

But that doesn’t mean you’re right.


All of them are just noise.

You know it. I know it.

So let their words fade away.



All in My Head

All in My Head

By Allie Marie



The words that I once held so dear

escape my better judgement.

My writer’s block is at its finest

when I need my words the most.

Truthfully, I don’t know

if this is smart or stupid.

What they said about me,

I don’t know what it is or if it is true.

What and if.

The question marks we cannot escape.

What was she thinking giving you my name?

How do I know if this isn’t just a game?

Maybe this is all in my head.

I should have left things unsaid.



By Allie Marie
I don’t want to admit

you’ve made me lose sleep.

These gray visions hold

the secrets that I keep.

We never say what we mean.

Symbols and inuitition aren’t all what they seem.

Stay still.

Speak openly.

I will too,

if it is really what we need.

Maybe our habits

are meant to break.

Maybe these chances

are ones to take.

New Again

New Again

By Allie Marie

Our hands in the same place

learn their fragile space.

We hope to dare;

our desperate circumstances landed us here.

The failure of dreams

sew our new seams.

And so, we are told it is time.

We must create a new rhyme.

A Floating Message

A Floating Message

By Allie Marie

And somehow now,

we are forced turn away.

What is left is what

we couldn’t save. 

A silver ribbon

and a floating white balloon behind us

send our kindness and questions

with a hope which we wish we never knew.

And though we must move on,

you are not forgotten.

I will not leave you

to be unspoken.