By Allie Marie

Bobby pin curls.

Never a gray hair on her head.

Always carefully fixed with box dye.

This was the woman I knew.

Puzzles books everday.

Oprah, news, and bowling on a static tv.

Entertaining her mind.

Keeping her up with the times.

Always at her daughters aid

who needed a bit more help than average.

Kept them safe and secure

in a time when fools would turn them away.

She took care of them until

she was in her 90’s.

A fall took you to a place

you would never want to stay.

But, there you lived with your daughter again.

You told the nurses you loved them.

They were caretakers and friends.

And only days before we lost you,

you taught your daughter Patti

how to count in Polish

in the wee hours of the night.

And, it’s been years now.

But, still sometimes it still strikes me.

My great grandmother, my G.G.

104 long years alive

with extraordinary quiet strength

that  I can only pray to you

I hope I have.


A Floating Message

A Floating Message

By Allie Marie

And somehow now,

we are forced turn away.

What is left is what

we couldn’t save. 

A silver ribbon

and a floating white balloon behind us

send our kindness and questions

with a hope which we wish we never knew.

And though we must move on,

you are not forgotten.

I will not leave you

to be unspoken.


By Allie Marie

Perchance you’ll rest in peace.
Distress is a weary fiend.
It is not welcome here
in the billows of hope.
A cardinal’s wings passing,
and snow like crystals in the light
brings a promise of tomorrow –
of good and right.

We are not perfect
that we can promise you,
but we will keep you in our hearts
and you’ll keep us in your arms.