Artificial Light

Artificial Light

By Allie Marie

It is easy to be unkind

in artificial light.

The glare makes us weak.

Our faults feed on others.

There’s no consequence –

at least not one with a name.

But, your faults will hatch

more sinister ones.

This artificial light

you’ll start to see as the sun.


The Chase

The Chase

By Allie Marie

Chant those words again.

I’ll chase them.

Eventually your throat will dry

and I’ll collapse.

Same old. Same old.

Another day. Another dollar.

We want to be extraordinary,

but we’re just ordinary –

a golden awarded sticker

can be taken as fast as it is given.

I want you to give it to me anyway.

I’ll chase you.

Silent Prayers

Silent Prayers

By Allie Marie

I don’t have the right to say anything.

You probably wouldn’t want to hear from me even if I did.

I’m a misstep in your memories;

one you didn’t bother to even say goodbye to.

And even with what strangers we are now…

and even with what you put me through….

my prayers during this time

are still with you.



By Allie Marie


I wish I could understand,

but I can’t – how a dull fume

can turn wildly red as it

burns across your heart.

Such a small thing.

Such a rush for nothing.

I’m the water that won’t give

you any reaction.

Stranger –

I’ll let you burn

in the flames as I plan

my great escape.


Faded Dream

Faded Dream

By Allie Mare


She wanted more for you

than this faded dream –

this back twisted version of how

people should be

when love becomes a fog

and they can no longer see.

A bright white room

echoes your screams.

An earthbound angel in distress

must learn to breath.

She’s praying for you.

And, so are we.



By Allie Marie

I can see in the dark.

I can’t see in the fog,

even with the street lights on.

Driving on old roads.

Breaking on the cracks of the secrets.

Tearing up on the radio’s lullabies.

In front of your house now,

honey you don’t want to ride with me.

I don’t need to wait.

I already know it.



By Allie Marie

I dance on silver wires.

Threads play between my hands.

A single spotlight in a crowded room

stops to focus on me.

I guess this is a show and

not a game.

Oh you wish you could do

what I do, don’t you?

But, you make the ticket sales

so you’ll get by just fine.

Up here is a struggle –

trying to smile and trying to balance.

Somehow although

I always make it alright