The Chase

The Chase

By Allie Marie

Chant those words again.

I’ll chase them.

Eventually your throat will dry

and I’ll collapse.

Same old. Same old.

Another day. Another dollar.

We want to be extraordinary,

but we’re just ordinary –

a golden awarded sticker

can be taken as fast as it is given.

I want you to give it to me anyway.

I’ll chase you.




By Allie Marie

I can see in the dark.

I can’t see in the fog,

even with the street lights on.

Driving on old roads.

Breaking on the cracks of the secrets.

Tearing up on the radio’s lullabies.

In front of your house now,

honey you don’t want to ride with me.

I don’t need to wait.

I already know it.



By Allie Marie

I didn’t want to say anything,

but here I am.

I didn’t want to listen,

but you keep talking

despite my lack of focus

and eye contact.

My heart is a stampede.

My mind is a spinning wheel.

I need to breathe,

so I need space.

I can’t separate lies

from truth anymore.

Everything is nine sided.

We’re all tired.



By Allie Marie

Maybe I’d be better off

if I would remember to shut my mouth.

Oh because I was quiet and innocent

before I dared to try to make you listen.

Far too honest.

Far too blunt.

These words rose to a boil

just to burn.

The ones I spoke in secrecy

ended up splashing on my hands.

The ones I saved for you

are worse.

You brought this all on me

and this is my revenge.

Caught in the water –

We’re all burning now.



By Allie Marie

Truth is I don’t miss you that much.

I got tired wishing you were somebody else.

Every time we were together, I felt like I was talking to myself.

But they keep asking me.

They like to drive us crazy.

I don’t wish you any harm.

We knew it wasn’t working out.

Silence isn’t a way to part.

I had a feeling you’d do this to me.

I let you anyway.

I’m better off without you now.

Someday I’ll find someone else.