By Allie Marie

I can see in the dark.

I can’t see in the fog,

even with the street lights on.

Driving on old roads.

Breaking on the cracks of the secrets.

Tearing up on the radio’s lullabies.

In front of your house now,

honey you don’t want to ride with me.

I don’t need to wait.

I already know it.




By Allie Marie

I remember how they smiled

like they knew something we didn’t.

Even though you disagreed with me,

you saw in me something different.

You saw the things

I didn’t want to see.

You were impulsive

maybe even reckless.

Driving with your heart

not your mind.

I was careful

a bit innocent.

I broke your heart

in meticulous lines.

I still think of you sometimes.

I hope you’re doing fine.

New Again

New Again

By Allie Marie

Our hands in the same place

learn their fragile space.

We hope to dare;

our desperate circumstances landed us here.

The failure of dreams

sew our new seams.

And so, we are told it is time.

We must create a new rhyme.

A Floating Message

A Floating Message

By Allie Marie

And somehow now,

we are forced turn away.

What is left is what

we couldn’t save. 

A silver ribbon

and a floating white balloon behind us

send our kindness and questions

with a hope which we wish we never knew.

And though we must move on,

you are not forgotten.

I will not leave you

to be unspoken.

One Second

One Second

By Allie Marie

One second.

Make it concise.

You made a promise

then turned it to lies.

One second.

Truth should be quick.

Get your point across

so we can fix this.

One second.

Cause I’m getting tired

of tracing your words on crossed wires.

It’d be better for both of us if you told the truth.



By Allie Marie

We’re too busy memorizing names.

We forgot why we came.

It is so easy to miss

when we’re preoccupied making lists.

I just want to scream.

Florescent lights taunt their beams.

It shouldn’t seem to them so sore

that I want something more.

A Feast for Fragile Hearts

A Feast for Fragile Hearts

By Allie Marie

This is a place for fragile hearts.

They feed off your remarks.

And then you wonder –

how they change so fast.

Start so nice and sweet

until you make them bruise their feet.

Words – they burn like crashing cars

as you agree with others they are thrown upon.

Yes, you ignore the truth.

Just because it is easier for you

to believe the liars that slash your tires.

I’m sorry I could never understand.

But, I don’t think just power makes a man.